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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

What issues can you help me with?

Sexual and Relationship difficulties
Communication issues
Sex Addiction and Addiction to Pornography

Asperger's as presented by adults and resulting in relationship difficulties

Workplace issues
Stress feeling overwhelmed
Sexual difficulties
Poor communication
Conflict in Relationship
Life transitions
Issues arising from Separation and divorce
Transgender issues
Family Issues
Effects of Illness
Uncertainty about commitment
Difficulties forming Relationships
Infrequent sex

Do I need to have a Partner for sex and Relationship problems

You can come along on your own if its an Individual problem or if your partner does not wish to come with you. .

You may be going through separation or divorce and it may benefit you both to understand what may have been a contributory factor to this breakdown of the relationship

The Assessment session

An opportunity for us to meet and explore the problem you are presenting. We will talk about Confidentiality frequency of appointments and a time for you to ask any questions about how I work and the code of ethics that I work to.

Every couple experiences challenges and conflict in their relationship this may happen after long periods of distress or a disruptive event in their life. This may result in you both feeling a disconnect from each other. The Relationship may then not provide a safe nurturing space.

Therapy provides an opportunity to communicate and express what may have been unspoken and become pain and resentment. Resulting in conflict bickering and blame.

When we lose our way then we need the support and guidance of the Therapist to refocus reconnect and rediscover the wellbeing within the relationship.

What is Psychosexual Therapy ? Is this the same as Sex Therapy.

An Opportunity to speak openly and honestly about any sex or Relationship issues and insecurities

You may come with a partner or on your own.

When you are unhappy or frustrated with your relationship and find it difficult to maintain any changes no matter how hard you try to communicate.

Consultation hours are Monday to Thursday 7.45-8pm